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Tips for the Aspiring College Cleaner

It’s spring cleaning time and everyone wants to tidy up their college dorm room. Most college students probably haven’t cleaned their rooms in months and have accumulated a truckload of food, clothes, and other useless junk. Here are a few tips to help out the aspiring college cleaners.

    1. Choose a day to dedicate to cleaning - College cleaners won't have the capacity to do a careful cleaning of your place consistently. It's not an insightful utilisation of your time. A good strategy to take is to decide on a day to do the difficult chores like moping, wiping, washing counters and cleaning the walls. People usually pick a Saturday since this is usually a day without work. Setting aside a day to do cleaning puts a time limit on yourself and makes sure the cleaning is done in a day.

    2. Clean up the restroom! Some household items are particularly effective in cleaning out the bathroom. Soda for example, works wonders and many college cleaners attest to its effectiveness as a cleaning agent. Also, go through your medicine cabinet to make sure you discard medications that have already expired and other worn out goods.

    3. Sell old course books – Once you adjust the room, you will have without a doubt discovered some old reading material. Get them out of your space to diminish disarray and offer them to other college students to add some cash in your pocket. One man’s old books is another man’s study material.

    4. Remove old rugs and clean them out with a vacuum. Having a good quality vacuum of your own is a good investment. You will be using them regularly anyway. If your room’s floors are made of wood, make sure they are well taken care of. Ensure that they don’t get wet and that you avoid getting water from plants sprayed onto them. Place pads underneath furniture to protect them from scratches. Don’t forget to mop at least once a week and use soap that won’t damage the floor itself.

Living and sleeping in a college room that is clean and spotless will help lessen stress and will let you study even harder resulting in higher grades. You could say that cleanliness will lead to better grades. Just follow these tips and you should be successful college cleaners soon enough.

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