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The operation of tower cranes is not an easy task. It is something that crane hire companies have trained and studied for, so for projects involving heavy lifting operations involving cranes, it is best to hire professional crane hire Australia. The operation of cranes ultimately present two hazards: the collapse of the crane itself which might harm the personnel working around the vicinity and the falling of the load which can lead to potential injury and even death.

Projects involving heavy lifting operations require complex planning and safety protocols. Planning should emphasize the safety of all workers, especially when use of tower cranes are involved. Accidents involving the cranes are both the responsibility of the company and the manufacturer or the crane hire company that owns the crane. Therefore it is important to observe important steps that will reduce possible casualties and also ensure the success of the project. Listed are the important key elements to ensure safety when using cranes for a project.

Planning. Planning includes meticulous site preparation, proper erection and positioning of the tower cranes to be used and cleanup/dismantling. All potential risks should be taken into account and method statements must be implemented. Proper planning also involves the establishment of signaling arrangements, codes and proper dissemination within the worksite.

Selection. Selection involves the provision and utilization of suitable crane, personnel and other heavy equipment. Make sure that the equipment used are fully functional and properly maintained. There are strict guidelines and regulations with regards to crane operation and they must be observed at all times to ensure the safety of all crane operators and ultimately, all the worksite personnel.

Supervision. Establish a specific hierarchy within the worksite and choose the proper officials with good management and leadership skills. Good managers keep in mind the safety of personnel at all times, especially around the vicinity of the tower cranes. Lifting operations must be properly supervised and all safety codes must be observed. Heavy lifting operations present a significant level of risk. Supervisors have the responsibility of directing and managing a lifting operation to make sure that the task is properly and safely performed. These officials can also come from the crane hire company that provided the cranes. They will have the proper training and the proper management skills in order to ensure the safe operation of the cranes.

Examination and feedback. All heavy equipment, especially cranes should be examined vigilantly during the duration of the project. There is an existing detailed and standardized examination checklist for tower cranes to be conducted by qualified personnel.

Crane hire companies will have the required training, theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out the aforementioned tasks. It is therefore best to hire the right professionals, or at least consult them regarding the operation of tower cranes.