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Women's Fashion

Women’s fashion is a synonym of evolution. Likewise, once you let go and try to be a little adventurous – you may begin to discover how to make the right choice whenever you go shopping for dress.

Be fashionable while being in sync with the climatic conditions around you. Don’t go hopping to work or to a party wearing clothes that are against the climate. If the climes are warmer, then opt for lighter colors and cooler fabrics. Wear less jewellery and accessories. Minimalistic style is always appreciated.

If the climate is cold, then go for fuller clothes – sweaters, turtlenecks, shawls and tunics. Literally the options are endless. Just remember, if you wish to enjoy what you’re wearing, dress according to your surroundings.

Flaunt the Fab, Hide the Flab

Choose clothes that go with your body-type and accentuate the good and hide the not-so-good. Just because a particular dress looks good on the hanger will not necessarily look good when you’re in it or vice versa. And don’t buy Cocktail dresses because you think the design and color is too attractive to be given a miss.

Never invest in fashion on impulse. Buy clothes which le your body be comfortable. Don’t follow fashion-trends epitomized by size-zero models. In fashion, size matters. Wear what looks good and goes with your body. If you feel the need to lose weight to look good wearing dress, try using Ultrasonic Cavitation machines and see great results fast. Know more about what Fat Cavitation is.

Wrong Colors and Makeup

Pick your colors according your skin-tone. If a certain color looks apt on a friend or a celeb, it does not mean it will have the same effect on you. Try clothes of different colors and learn to recognize what color makes you look good the most. Don’t be afraid to experiment.





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