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How to Choose a Healthy Nail Salon? 

An afternoon in a nice salon for a relaxing manicure and pedicure is an ideal way to unwind for most women and some men. However before you choose a place for getting your hands and feet pampered there are some facts you should check out to make sure you stay safe and healthy. 

The side effects of an unhygienic manicure/ pedicure 

Skin Infections and nail fungal infestations can occur if the nail salon uses dirty equipment or unhygienic water. In certain cases serious health hazards like Hepatitis B infections and staph infection especially methacillin resistant ones could occur.

Many foot spas were responsible for an outbreak of Mycobacterium fortuitum which causes painful boils on the lower limbs. These boils last for a long time and even cause scarring in extreme cases.

Spa chairs with foot baths that are not sterilised are a breeding ground of diseases and are extremely dangerous. Equally worse are salons which use the same set of unwashed manicure pedicure equipment on random customers who walk through the doors. 

Know your first step 

Read up a little on the process of a professional manicure and pedicure. That way you can easily catch on if your chosen nail salon skips on a couple of steps. The first step is where you and your manicurist both wash hands with antibacterial soap before the actual process begins.

All types of pedicures and manicures start with a scrub so that all dirt and grime is removed. Hard scrubbing sometimes cause minute cuts on the skins surface and act as entry points for bacteria. Inform your manicurist/ pedicurist if you feel that the process is a little rough so that your skin gets the gentle treatment it deserves. 


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