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What are Your Rights when Attacked by a Dog?

Personal injury lawyers are trained to specialise in representing people who have suffered from physical, emotional or psychological injury caused by the negligence of another person. The cases could also involve the wrongdoing by a company or any other business entity. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a dog bite, you may approach a personal injury lawyer to take up your case.

When can you approach a lawyer?

In Australia, dog bite laws are very complicated. They have been compiled using inputs from Federal, State and Local statutes. First of all, try and fairly assess why the dog bit you. Were you the one intruding? Did you do something to push the dog to that extent? If your answer is no, or you really think the dog is potentially dangerous, you may approach personal injury lawyers.

Where did the incident take place?

In some instances, the victim may not have a case to fight if the incident happened in the dog’s territory or on its owner’s premises. This may mean that the dog saw you (the victim) as a stranger and followed its instinct, which is to protect its owner, family and home. Again, this depends on whether the owner was at home at that time. The instinct to protect comes when there is no known human present.

If the victim is attacked in the dog’s territory, did its owner let you (the victim) in? If yes, the owner is liable. If no, the dog was just doing its job. Personal injury lawyers will be able to give you advice on the validity of this point in your case.