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What is Hypnotherapy?

Our brain regulates the functions of our entire body. So it is only fitting that our bodies respond to what is in our head. In today’s fast paced life, mental and emotional stress forms a major portion of our lives.

Our beliefs and desires become our characteristics and sometimes also cause a hindrance in living a normal life. We act consciously based on our sub-conscious mind. Today, we come across individuals who have a fear of confined places also known as claustrophobia. We know of people who have been trying to quit smoking from a long time but always fail.

So how do you help a person who knows what is to be done but is unable to do the right thing? You need to get to the root of the problem. In these cases, you need to delve into the clients mind. This is where hypnotherapy finds its use.

Neuro-hypnosis which means sleep of the nervous system is a term coined by James Braid in 1841 and the term hypnosis is an abbreviation of the same. The word hypnosis means sleep in Greek.

Hypnotherapy can treat problems such as pain, smoking, phobias, memory, gambling addiction, sports and academic performance and motivation and even weight loss. Just as hypnotherapy helps in weight loss management , another way to successfully fight cellutlite is using fat cavitation machines

The main idea behind hypnotherapy is to either confront the experience that started the problem in the first place or take you to an experience of joy and then replace the feeling of fear or pain with that of joy. This is done by targeting the most important part of your mind and that is the subconscious. At last, it’s all in the mind.